Change Requests

Chris over at made a common sense post today –

…It’s the same thing for web designers. Most of us maintain several different websites for several different clients. To the client, their website is their whole world, so it makes perfect sense to them when they shoot you an email asking you to change a date quick. But when we open that email, we get the uhmmmmmmm….what feeling.

I would much prefer being treated like a six year old. Not being talked down to, just being VERY VERY clear about what is needed:

  • What page needs changing (URL link!)
  • Does it appear in multiple places?
  • What does is say now?
  • What should it say?
  • When does it need to be done?
I have felt a little bad in the past about getting all of this information from the client. It can be easy from them to toss a quick change over without many extras. The truth is, we can’t read minds and without this type of information we can not be sure we’ll actually be fixing the problem.

It may be time to formilize this into a pdf template and force each question to be answered for all changes going forward.

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