Development Related Apps I Use on the PC and Mac

So, lacking anything witty for today, I’ve decided to post a list of some tools/apps that I use.

On the PC side:

Filezilla (PC/Mac) $FREE

This app handles both FTP and SFTP. I prefer a simple app for this process and Filezilla delivers. It includes synchronized browsing (a big time saver), stored sites and priority levels.

KeyPass (PC) $FREE

Trying to store a number of ftp/ssh/email settings and passwords in anything other than a dedicated (and secure) app has only failed for me. This is another simple and free app to handle the task. The data storage file can even be stored on a networked drive, giving shared access to a single password file.

Putty (PC/Mac/Linux) $FREE

I’m a minimalist when it comes to Telnet/SSH access. This client is a small .exe app that does the job. I always stick it in the windows directory, giving me the option to quickly type ‘putty’ in start/command line.

IE Tester (PC) $FREE

For quickly testing websites on IE6/7/8, this app is great. You can quickly add tabs with your selected IE rendering engine version. Word of warning though, I’ve noticed that it’s not always 100% acurate for each engine.

SVN/Subversion (PC/Mac/Linux) $FREE

So this is more of a overall tool listing, rather than an app. I use the Linux server components to host my repositories in a central location.

Tortoise SVN (PC) $FREE

This is a PC client for SVN which creates ‘hooks’ that show up as menu items when right clicking a folder. It’s easy to checkout/update/commit right from a windows folder view.

Versions (Mac) ~$52

This is a subversion client for Mac, that has the familiar Mac styling. It’s easy to recommend this app to other users, as it’s rather intuitive for new subversion users.

Pidgin (PC/Mac/Linux) $FREE

Pidgin is an instant message client, with support for FaceBook and Twitter. I find it simple and to the point. It only adds bonus points that it’s free and open source!

TweetDeck (PC/Mac/Linux via Air) $FREE

TweetDeck, for the 5 people who haven’t heard of it, is a twitter dashboard client that shows friends tweets, replies and direct messages. It does the job, though I’d gladly switch when something better comes along.

Anxiety (Mac) $FREE

This is a to-do list app that supports multiple lists and does not make things more complicated than needed. There are a number of similar apps for both Mac and PC.

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