Monthly Archives: March 2010

Can you really set the bar that low?

Perhaps I’m confused or misread the text. At least I hope I did.

When reading the Cnet article “Microsoft modernizes Web ambitions with IE9” something dumbfounded me. As of today, the preview version of Internet Explorer 9 scores a “55” on the Acid 3 test and (more importantly) this is something Microsoft is happy with. For a frame of reference- older versions of IE scored in the 20’s and other modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera) currently score in the 90’s. Last time I checked a “55” is still a horrible failure regardless of your last score. Is the bar really so low at Microsoft? We can only hope (and sadly dream?) that Microsoft can make it into the range of the competition by the final release.

On behalf of all internet users- Microsoft/IE please get your stuff together and raise your standards.