The online checkout experience in real life

Google produced a video a while back that really resinated with me. I think we as digitals (designers, developers, ux, etc.) all fail to look at the bigger picture sometimes. I’ve had all of the described actions in the video happen to me during past checkouts.

The answer to this requires us to retain the reasons why we’ve made the current system (security, accuracy), and apply them against a low barrier, pleasant experience. Here’s a few things that I’d like to see happen:

  • No timeouts for non e-commerce actions. Example: Browse through the Verizon site. Viewing new phones? It times out if you leave it open.
  • No usernames. Solution: email and passwords for authentication.
  • No CAPTACHAs. We’ve discussed this extensively at DYNAMIT. They’re a burden to users and they don’t stop spam.


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