NASA makes me feel like a kid again

My mind stopped me for a moment this morning and I thought “How cool is this? I’m watching live video from space”. This morning was the scheduled departure of the Dragon capsule (developed by SpaceX) from the International Space Station. In roughly last month we’ve seen the first delivery of supplies to ISS from a private company, a man jumping from the edge of space, and now the return of Dragon capsule.

Sure, growing up as a kid in the 80’s, we thought about all the cool technology that would exist in the far off future of 2012. As we’ve all grown older, it’s easy to forget how fast things change. We have the technology to not only made these events successful, but also the infrastructure to follow along live, worldwide. Kudus to NASA, SpaceX, RedBull, and everyone else who has given us times this month to put things into perspective.

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