99 problems but a design ain’t one

I’ve recently seen a couple of high profile people publicly give next to zero value for design. I may be a developer but I can’t believe this is going on. When starting up my new venture the first person I called/paid was an accountant, the second a lawyer and the third was a designer.

Logo design, branding, print, or digital work needs to be budgeted for and categorized as a long-term asset for your business. Playing the cheap card on a logo or brand palette shows up when you apply it to your business cards, invoices, promotional swag, or website. That’s why I can’t fathom going to 99designs or odesk upwork for this category of important work. Spending $1,000-2,000+ on an identity shouldn’t be a problem for any serious business. We have no issue valuing the business idea (most likely worthless), development (not complaining about this one) or business coaching/advising, so what makes design so different?


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