Monthly Archives: March 2016


I spent my first 27 years growing up in rural america. The 80’s weren’t Mayberry but it still felt like many of the same qualities existed. Small family stores and friendly neighbors were the norm. Moving to the largest city in Ohio some 8 years ago was originally a bit of a shock. Navigating the highways, one way streets and the larger 4 lane variety didn’t initially come naturally. Sure enough, with time my comfort level raised and now life in the big city is the norm.

On this primary election day, I can’t help but think about the parallels with the political side of things as well.  While many people I grew up with continue to live in same general area, fewer of us moved on to a different life. When I see friends in different geographic areas express absolute positions on a number of hot topic issues and arriving at different conclusions I can’t help but attribute it in part to perspective – specifically geographic and economic perspective.

I feel privileged for the opportunity to have experienced both rural and city life. Extreme conservative, bible loving farmer? I understand where they’re coming from. Ultra liberal, over educated career academic? I understand them too. With perspective comes understanding. It’s funny to look at the wide array of opinions from my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram friends. I’m not exaggerating in saying they cover every position on the board.

Without getting extremely political on this I’ll just say this – I respect whoever you vote for. However, I’d also like to say I hope that person is not Trump.