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Microsoft drops the the ball on security again – Windows 8 passwords in plain text

It what would be an unbelievable event for other tech heavyweights, Microsoft has a second serious security policy blunder to be discovered in recent weeks. This time the focus is around Windows 8 and passwords being stored in plain text.

The hole involves user accounts that switch to an alternate security method – pictures or pins. When this is selected, the original password remains as plain text data.

For the full story, continue to Softpedia.

You want to be secure, Hotmail doesn’t want you to be.

I recently read an article on the The New Web in which they describe how Hotmail is limiting passwords to 16 characters. Now, this contradicts best practices, and is a policy that tips the “convenance vs. security scale” grossly in favor of convenance (or the attempt of it). In a world that is trending towards allowing pass phrases (i.e. Simple), this policy is misguided at best.

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